Mercury in Leo

The Sun enters Leo today at 1:30 pm, followed by Mercury at 10:14 pm this evening, the 23rd July. Here’s my take on how Mercury functions in Leo.

The central interest of those with Mercury in Leo is first and foremost themselves and their own life journey, and secondly, their personal creations within which they get to see their own reflection. Those creations are often artistic, but also typically include children, a business, or more generally whatever it is that constitutes their own unique and special contribution to life itself. For despite their fascination with their own character and its defining attitudes and responses – ‘Why did I say that, I wonder?’ – they are also given to big ideas and grand visions motivated by a sense of noblesse oblige. As a rule, they express themselves well and at best make entertaining and inspiring public speakers.

For more spiritually evolved types, the practice of centering on the Self that is immanent in each and every one, rather than on the ego-personality-self, can slowly reduce the self-obsession that so often tests the patience of their colleagues and loved ones.

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