MARS enters LEO, AUG 9

Strong-willed, energetic, high-spirited and proud, Mars in Leos naturally take the lead role in what they regard as this play of life. They love being the centre of attention and their modus operandi tends to be dramatic performance.

At best, they provide an inspirational example of whole-hearted self-expression in service to the larger cause of creating more life, love and joy in the world. They love nothing better than turning themselves on by turning others on.

At worst, they suffer from an ‘I the King’ syndrome, acting as if they were born to lead and others follow, or they may exude an ‘I am a Star’ aura that automatically casts others into the roles of audience or acolyte. Accusations of self-centered arrogance characteristically follow from those who resent being cast in such subordinate roles.

Their desire nature is ardent and passionate, generous and demanding.

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