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Mercury enters Virgo Aug 8

Mercury entered Virgo this morning, Aug 8 AEST, where it will reside until the 28th of August. This is a happy home for Mercury as it is dignified there. Here’s my take on how it may express in that sign.

Virgo gives Mercury a gift for analysis and a versatile practical intelligence that facilitates precise, detailed, and skilled work in disciplines such as editing, accounting, software development, etc. Also, manual crafts from weaving to carpentry are indicated, whilst the aptitude for order and organization of those with this placement also suits them to secretarial and office work of all kinds.

Apart from work their greatest interest is health, and some combine the two to work in the areas of health and well-being. True to the maxim ‘we teach what we need to learn’, they are at least amateur health experts, ever willing to offer helpful advice to others based on their well-researched trial and error experiments to fix their own symptoms. They need to watch that eliminating stress inducing habits and fine-tuning their diet doesn’t become a quasi-religious crusade. Negatively, they can irritate friends and intimates with gratuitous advice and puritanical admonitions, as in just when you’re enjoying a rich chocolate dessert they launch into a lecture on the evils of sugar and offer you a calorie count.

In business, their aptitude for facts and figures and cutting a deal finds good outlets in banking and finance.

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