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Virgo and Health

Jupiter, the planet of higher mind, enters Virgo on Aug 11, at 9:11 pm, AEST, where it will reside until Sep 10. 2016. To mark this significant astrological event, here’s a vignette on the topic of Virgo and Health, a classic preoccupation of the sign.

Virgo and Health

Virgo is a mutable, dualistic sign and those born under the sign tend to be either sickness prone or conscientiously healthy. Health conscious Virgos regard their body as a temple of the spirit and religiously engage in daily rituals of cleansing and purification and expect their partners to do the same. Suspect breath = no kiss, simple as that. Sickness prone Virgos typically have a delicate constitution and problems with digestion and nervous tension. To achieve well-being they need to simplify their lifestyle, pay attention to their diet, get plenty of rest, and more generally cultivate healthy habits, taking especial note of Samuel Johnson’s aphorism: “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

You are what you eat

Channelling Virgo now dear reader, here is a simple test to ascertain the health status of your present incarnational vehicle – your body. As you no doubt know, ‘You are what you eat.’ What did you eat for your last meal? A certified organic fruit of creation, or a dead pig? If the latter, check the colour and consistency of your latest bowel movement. A healthy digestive system is indicated by lovely golden brown stools with firm, consistent texture. If yours don’t measure up, perhaps it’s time to go on a gluten free diet and to get your self a colonic irrigation quick smart. I can recommend an excellent practitioner and furthermore, if you say I sent you you’ll receive a 20% discount. As a Virgo I know the importance of shopping around to secure the best deal. And small savings soon add up, don’t they? Besides it’s my way of giving practical service, as a good Virgo is born to do.

Case Study: D.H. Lawrence  [Author of Lady Chatterley’s Lover]

Lawrence, like many a Virgo sadly, suffered from ill health for much of his life, eventually dying from tuberculosis at the relatively young age of 45.

He displayed much courage in dealing with this, always affirming life by continuing to write even when confined to bed and by refusing to give his illness undue power by affirming it’s existence: “I feel so strongly as if my illness weren’t really me – I feel perfectly well and all right, in myself. Yet there is this beastly torturing chest superimposed on me, and it’s as if there was a demon lived there, triumphing, and extraneous to me.” His friends collaborated in the fiction of his not being really ill, it ‘being against the rules to suggest that anything was wrong’, and his wife Frieda attested to his remarkable stoicism when she testified ‘I never heard him complain about his health’.

Still, he hated the subjection of illness, not least because of the strains it placed on his already difficult marital relationship. Friends often felt Frieda was a bad nurse though she contended, and not without truth it seems, that “when Lorenzo feels ill, it infuriates him to have me well”. In turn he felt she was “repelled by the death in me”. Also, her health and vitality gave her an energetic upper hand in the relationship which he could not bear, even though at times it was used to his benefit, as when she consciously used her virility to revive and arouse him when he was really ill and depressed.

Above all, he could not bear the kind of living in the fear of death and struggling for health he believed he had observed in Frieda’s mother. He resolved to live every moment he could and to this end refused to place himself in the hands of doctors and their conventional sanatorium treatment, preferring to stay self-responsible and his own autonomous person. Frieda affirmed the wisdom of this, writing “he knew so well what was good for him .. by an unfailing instinct, or he would have died many years ago”, a statement that is applicable to many another Virgo too.

It could also be said that he was a perceptive diagnostician of his own condition when he wrote: “I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections. And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly, that I am ill. I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self, and wounds to the soul take a long, long time [to heal] ..

Finally, in a testimonial that compels admiration, a friend commented: “He kept his work and his life free from morbidity, from any sort of unhealthy resentment. He never accepted defeat. He proved to be .. strong as death – or even strong as life. He lived and died as a real man.”

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