Leo in Love

To honour and celebrate today’s Aug 16 Sun conjunct Venus in Leo, here’s a little riff on Leo in Love

“I never loved another person the way I loved myself”
– Mae West [Sun sign Leo]

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance”
– Oscar Wilde [Moon in Leo]

I’m a passionate romantic. Without love my sky turns to grey. I’m warm, I’m hot, can’t get enough. I fall in love with myself in my lover. She must be special, just like me. I need to feel proud of her. After all, she reflects on me. I will love her ardently, eternally. She is my Queen, I will treat her like one. I will honour and worship her as the goddess she is; respect her, take care of her, celebrate her, shower her with praise and admiration, do whatever it takes to keep the heart fires burning. I will never let her down, on this she can depend. Until the death of love, which never can be, never shall we part.

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