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Aug 27 Astrology Update

Varij Aug 27 Astro-Update

Aug 27 is a most auspicious day as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, the planet of higher understanding, prosperity consciousness and all round good fortune in Virgo – a once in 12 year occurrence!

God is in the detail. Or cooking a meal to perfection is a perfectly valid way to honour and worship the earth goddess.

More generally now is an especially propitious time to explore the question of what indeed constitutes true wealth. Many a Virgo I’m sure would put peace of mind and good health at the top of the list in answering that question.

And also the upcoming Full Moon in Jupiter ruled Pisces continues the Jupiterian theme, and provides a golden opportunity to explore the Virgo / Pisces sign polarity. This polarity is beautifully encapsulated in the following quotes:

“With the lamp of word and discrimination, one must go beyond word and discrimination, and enter upon the path of realization.”
– Lankavantara Sutra

“Not everything that can be counted counts; and not everything that counts can be counted”
– Einstein

This is certainly a strongly Piscean Full Moon, [exact at 4:36 am, Aug 30, AEST] because the Moon is also conjunct Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, the planet of higher love. Here are two more quotes then that give the pure taste of Pisces:

“I have known good and evil, sin and virtue, right and wrong / I have judged and been judged / I have passed through birth and death, joy and sorrow, heaven and hell / And in the end I realized that I am in everything, and everything is in me”
– Hasrat Inayat Khan

“Taste God’s Love. A few sips of the precious wine of Love will thoroughly intoxicate you. Why leave the full glass untouched on the table while inquiring how the wine was produced or estimating how many gallons may exist in the intimate wine cellar? .. Do not become distracted by attempting to analyse Divine Mystery”
– Ramakrishna

And to complete the planetary picture we have a sexy Venus conjunction to Mars in big hearted Leo, exacting on Sep 1AEST. Here in Byron Bay, serendipitously, spring has sprung, the sap is rising in the trees, snakes are on the move, the air is alive with the sound of bird song, and love is in the air as above and below, within and without, feminine Venus is being magnetically drawn to unite with masculine Mars.

May it be so, let the creative juices flow!

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