Neptune Poem

Here’s a poem to evoke the higher vibrations of the astrological god Neptune, which is so prominent at this Neptune coloured Full Moon in Pisces. It is excerpted from my book The Planets Speak: Wisdom of the Gods

I’m the god of the ocean
Vast, boundless, deep and mysterious

I am, and I am not
Neither this nor that
Nor not this, nor not that

Yes, I speak in paradox
In poetry, song and dance
I am the music of existence
Voice of the beyond

Listen ..
Can you hear ?
Can you hear the soundless sound ?

Beyond the beyond
Beyond all name and form
Is where you will find me

That place is everywhere and nowhere
To find it, look inside your looking

You cannot know me in the ordinary way
If you try to grasp me with your rational mind
I will slip through your fingers, like water ..

In reality, I am your very Self
I am the ocean, you are a wave
I am you and you am I
We are not separate at all

Granted, that is not how things appear
As individual forms, you do indeed appear separate from each other
Yet, appearance can be deceiving
For just as a straight stick appears bent in water
All is not what it seems

Remove the veils of ‘maya’ [illusion] and only the Self is

You are That

Sat-Chit-Ananda – Being, Consciousness, Bliss

To experience the truth of what I say

Be still and keep quiet

2 thoughts on “Neptune Poem

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