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Mercury transit through Libra

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, went into the sign Libra on Friday 28 August AEST where it will stay until Nov 2, due to it’s retrograde motion from Sep 19 until Oct 11. Here’s my take on how it may function in that sign.

This placement gives good reasoning powers based on objective principles, a developed aesthetic sense, and avid interest in people, their psychology, and relationships. Why people are the way they are, and why relationships succeed or fail exerts a perennial fascination. Communication is very important to people with this placement, both personally and professionally, and typically they bring clarity, impartiality, appreciation for different points of view, and a fine balance between talking and listening to any discussion. Not surprisingly, occupations where these qualities are valued such as counselling, human relations, the law, diplomacy, psychology, and astrology attract them. A meeting of minds incorporating intelligent conversation is an essential ingredient of a fulfilling relationship for them, as is a sense of being complementary equals. Good manners and refined tastes are also valued. Negatively, their need to be fair and reasonable, and further to be seen to be so, can inhibit timely decision-making. Also the Libran aversion to conflict can inhibit honest and heart-felt communication.

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