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Venus Mars Conjunct in Virgo

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, consumnates her union with Mars at 24 Virgo today, Tuesday Nov 3, at 11:10 am AEDT.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is now in Scorpio, which in turn is ruled [traditionally] by Mars. This means Mercury and Mars are in ‘mutual reception’, which is to say each is in the sign the other rules, which strengthens their expression and connection. Got that?

A little technical for sure, but that’s Virgo for you, the sign of the earthy technician, who knows how to do things just right. Now let’s join a few dots. Scorpio is the sex sign par excellence, Mars is the sex god, at least when he is not making war, and Virgo is the sign of the erotic earth goddess, at least when she is not in chaste virginal mode. This suggests to me that this morning / today is a kairotic day to enjoy the delights of concupiscence.

Here’s a few choice quotes from the Virgo writer D H Lawrence to evoke the mood and set the scene. They are from his novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover. These passages follow the first sexual encounter of the lovers, Lawrence using the imagery of the spring forest to evoke Connie’s [that is Lady Chatterley’s] awakening erotic feelings:

“The wood was silent, still and secret in the evening drizzle of rain, full of the mystery of eggs and half-open buds, half-unsheathed flowers. In the dimness of it all trees glistened naked and dark as if they had unclothed themselves, and the green things on earth seemed to hum with greenness.”

“She was like a forest, like the dark interlacing of the oak-wood, humming inaudibly with myriad unfolding buds. Meanwhile the birds of desire were asleep in the vast interlaced intricacy of her body.”

“Today she could almost feel it in her own body, the huge heave of the sap in the massive trees, upwards, up, up to the bud-tips, there to push into little flamey oak-leaves, bronze as blood.”


“And do you think it’s important, a man and a woman?” [Connie] asked [Mellors]: “For me it is. For me it’s the core of my life: if I have a right relation with a woman.” ..

“.. I believe in being warm-hearted. I believe especially in being warm-hearted in love, in loving with a warm heart. I believe if men could love with warm hearts, and the women take it warm-heartedly everything would come all right.”

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