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Venus enters Scorpio and forms a Mutual Reception to Mars in Libra


Venus went into Scorpio yesterday, Dec 5 AEDT, where it will remain until Dec 30. During this time it is in mutual reception with Mars in Libra, which is to say, each is in the sign the other rules. This strengthens them both. So the god of war Mars is in the sign of peace, Libra, and the goddess of love Venus, is in the sign of battle, Scorpio.

An ideal time to make love, not war. Following is my take on Venus in Scorpio:

Love for Venus in Scorpio is deep, dark and intense. Deeply intimate and intensely sexual, and colored with darker tones of secrecy, jealousy and possession. So a relationship with these mysteriously alluring lovers, who invariably possess the indefinable ‘x factor’, is not for the faint of heart. They give and demand totality. If that is not forthcoming they will threaten to end the relationship, or foment some other crisis to up the stakes, leading to the classic ultimatum: “It’s all or nothing.”

Expect to receive 100% emotional support to confront all your fears and weaknesses, and a searing level of honesty in a relationship with evolved types of the species, and a descent to the underworld of the psyche where lurk power games, lies and threats of betrayal with those still repaying karmic debts from past misdeeds.

Ultimately, love for Scorpio Venus is a fate filled journey from darkness into the light, where it feels like the script has already been written. For those with the courage to live it consciously, it offers healing, transformation and renewal.

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