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Mercury enters Aquarius

Mercury enters Aquarius today, Saturday Jan 2 at 12:19 pm AEDT, where it will turn retrograde on Tuesday Jan 5 at 11:05 pm AEDT, and soon after will re-enter Capricorn on Saturday 9 at 5:36 am, where it will reside until it returns to Aquarius on Feb 14. Here’s my take on how it may express in Aquarius:

Truth with a capital ‘T’ is all important to those with Mercury in Aquarius. They disdain small talk about purely personal concerns, preferring instead to research and debate the latest scientific and technological developments that have the potential to impact on all humanity. Typical areas of interest include global warming, genetic engineering, and the exploration of inner and outer space. Their communication style is clear and objective, and apt to be peppered with sudden revelations and ‘aha’ moments. In their view, we must continually subject conventional social attitudes and scientific theories to impartial evaluation if humanity is to progress, keeping in mind that the earth was once considered to be flat, slavery acceptable, and yoga just plain weird to people in the West. Thus, Mercury in Aquarius will objectively investigate fringe subjects like entheogens, ufo’s, vibrational healing, and astrology that are regarded as dubious or fraudulent by the mainstream. The influential transpersonal pundit Ken Wilber is a notable example.

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