Astrology 2016

Temple Byron Transformational Astrology Group

Temple Byron Transformational Astrology Group

This is an ongoing group open to all. It is not a sequential course, but is held every Thursday Night from 6:30 pm to 9:15 pm. Each week we explore what the planets are doing in the sky, and relate it to current world events and themes and how and what it is activating in your own birth chart.

This week the focus will be on the upcoming Venus conjunct Pluto, square Uranus planetary aspect, which exacts this weekend. Beginnings and endings in key romantic and family relationships are in store. A radical revaluation of our values around love, sex and money is being invoked.

In the bigger picture, the dominant planetary alignment for 2016 is the challenging square aspect between Saturn and Neptune: “Saturn-Neptune periods tend to be among the most psychologically and spiritually demanding of times as well as the most likely to call forth genuine nobility of spirit and profundity of vision…. In perhaps its most admirable form, the Saturn-Neptune complex appears to be associated with the courage to face a hard and often tragic reality without illusion and still remain true to the ideals and dreams of a better world.”  – Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche


James Morau: “As a first time visitor to the group I was pleasantly surprised by both the splendour of the location within a large, magnificently decorated yurt set in gardens of palpable peacefulness and the highly conscious nature of the evening’s procedures.

Varij first displayed the astrology chart of the present moment on a big screen and explained what energies are currently at play. He then showed each person’s chart and discussed how the current energies affected them. He allowed and moderated the ensuing discussions to allow everyone to have a say in an appropriate manner.
I learnt a lot about how the current energies manifest for different people and later realised that what I had said during the group was a clue as to my currently unconscious thoughts and opinions. They then came into full consciousness and have allowed me to know exactly what I want and need. This is highly unusual for me and I am hoping knowing this will allow the right things to happen and for my life to become even more wonderful. So thank you Varij, I’ll be there next week with bells on.”

Yuti Review of the Temple Byron Transformational Astrology Group

“There is an experientially spontaneous magic of intimacy which arises from a shared exploration of current astrological aspects intertwining our lives and consciousness (and often our unconsciousness) sweetly guided by Varij at the Temple Byron on Thursday Evenings from 6.30 pm to 9:15 pm.

Even Varij does not know ahead of time who will arrive and what will move him in his channelling of expressive words guiding his own soul, as well as all those present, into the richly intricate moment of now. This is achieved through Varij’s familiarity for so many years of astrological perspectives.

One’s own blind spot/s may be suddenly seen with ease and grace, or a sense of pure relief. This can help us to go with the current flow of energy affecting our way of being, thinking or feeling.

Varij has a great command of the deep understanding of astrological patterns and influences and allows that knowledge to lead whoever is present….. into a practical revelation or confirmation.”

Janice Rose: ” Varij took one look at my chart and spoke three sentences. Those words led me directly to the deepest core of my heart, and I have stayed there ever since. My life literally changed that night and the new love for myself is an experience that will last a lifetime. Deepest gratitude to you Varij.

Sarita, Natural Therapist and CEO of Byron Bay Tea Company: “Varij has an incredible ability to balance the art and science of Astrology with his strong intuition to give you a reading that is both insightful and entertaining. I have benefited greatly from my sessions with him as he is someone who can go deep, and the insights and learning about yourself and others can be so profound. Varij’s strong passion for Astrology and the healing arts also makes his group astrology classes so much fun.”

Love to see you there – Varij

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