Astrology 2016 / planetary transits

Venus into Pisces

Venus went into Pisces yesterday, Saturday March 12 AEDT, where it will reside until April 6. Here’s my take on how it may express in that sign:

To understand Venus in Pisces, imagine an ocean of love that your soul remembers as the place you come from, and indeed who you truly are. Then imagine feeling such an overwhelming longing for love that it all but cripples your ability to function in the world. And then imagine a long and testing journey filled with confusion, heart break, disillusionment and despair which culminates in finally finding and marrying the soul mate you’ve been searching for lifetimes – truly a dream come true. What joy, what rapture!

And then imagine creating inspired works of art and becoming a famous artist, and further, that fame not corrupting you, and you staying the kind-hearted soul you always have been. And then the ultimate, imagine finding and experiencing nothing less than the Love Supreme, the love that has no name .. then you will understand.

And finally, don’t dismiss this as ‘only’ imagination if you want to be loved by these oh-so-sensitive romantic souls.

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