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Venus enters Aries and Mercury enters Taurus on April 6 AEST

Two Planets Change Sign Today, April 6, AEST
Venus entered Aries at 2:50 am, April 6 AEST, where it will reside until April 30, and Mercury enters Taurus at 9:09 am, where it will reside until June 13. During this 9 week transit through Taurus Mercury will turn retrograde on April 29, at 23 degrees and 34 minutes, and direct again on May 23 at 14 degrees and 20 minutes.
Here’s my take on Venus in Aries: Some Like It Hot!
These passionate romantics are natural born hunters in the wilds of desire. For them, the thrill of the quest and its end game, conquest, is what gets their heart fires burning. Their courting style is to get straight to the point. No games, no bullshit. If you like me, show me; if you want me, take me!
Fools for love, brave hearts all, their courage and daring may initially be seen as attractive and inspiring to potential partners, but in an established relationship, their ‘me-first’ attitude is likely to lead to arguments and blow-ups over issues of fairness and co-operation. Sparks and friction are inevitable, but in compensation, a relationship with them will never be boring. How long it lasts is another matter, for domesticity and routine are not their forte. To keep their heart fires burning, it’s essential to live at least a little dangerously. The odd daring adventure is a must.
And my take on Mercury in Taurus
Mercury thinks slowly and methodically about concrete and practical matters in Taurus. The focus is on facts and present concerns rather than abstract or theoretical speculation. Blessed with common sense and an aptitude for making money, those with this placement prefer tried and proven strategies like investing in real estate or blue-chip stocks over new or risky approaches. When shopping – a favourite activity for these acquisitive types – they take the time to find the best deal and will not be cajoled into outlaying money before they are good and ready. Short and sweet is their preferred conversational style, which doesn’t preclude a capacity for sustained and concentrated mental effort, as the work of Sigmund Freud and twentieth century philosophers Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein readily demonstrates. On a different note, their voice can have a pleasing mellifluous quality well suited to acting and media work, and they can have a love of language for it’s sensual qualities of sound, rhythm and texture.

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