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Making Love and Meditation: A Paean to Taurus

Making Love and Meditation: A Paean to Taurus

[Excerpted from the Taurus chapter of my book Signs of the Zodiac: Clthing of the Self]

“From pleasure comes sorrow, from pleasure comes fear; he who is free from pleasure is free from sorrow and fear .. He who forgets the real aim of life and grasps at pleasure, will in time envy him who has exerted himself in meditation”
– Buddha [Dhammapada]

It is a rare Taurean who will follow this advice of the Buddha, for Taureans are the most pleasure loving creatures of the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty in her earthy, sensual aspect, they especially love a beautiful body – such a joy to have and to hold.

M-m-m .. Attuning more deeply to the sensual energy of Taurus now, my thoughts lead naturally from there to the delights of concupiscence .. Ah yes, I can feel myself entering that pleasure zone even as I write .. M-m-m

Reader, may I suggest you make yourself comfortable as I begin to ‘channel’ Taurus in lover mode, the favoured mode of many of the species. To begin, lie down and relax .. And then relax some more .. A-h-h .. What bliss just to relax and enjoy ,, Now visualize touching and being touched .. Then hugging and stroking .. Followed by .. a slow build that goes on and on, all night long .. Scrumptious, absolutely scrumptious!

Yes indeed, Taurus loves to make love, for to make love, as long and as often as possible, is above all how love is made and sustained on planet Earth. This at least is how Taurus sees it, and so I now proclaim on behalf of Taurus, that the body is holy and is to be loved wholly, in a spirit of joyful delight, without any sense of shame or inhibition whatsoever. And I further declare that this proclamation is sanctioned and sanctified by the holy writ of the Earth Goddess Venus, the Goddess of love and pleasure.

Excuse that poetic flight of fancy and indulge me once more if you will dear reader, as I once again bring to mind the exquisite pleasures of erotic touch .. m-m-m ..
[Inaudible murmur] What’s that you say Taurus? “More please, please don’t stop.” More!? For Goddess sake!

Yes, to the consternation of many an abstemious or refined soul no doubt, Taureans can be absolutely insatiable. Slow to get started, but once in motion, impossible to stop. In love, as in music, they love a solid groove that ‘keeps on keeping on’. Bliss for them is the calm after the rush, the state of utter relaxation, the feeling of oh-so-delicious contentment after all that Aries excitement, tension, and explosive release .. Mmm .. what a luscious feeling .. ‘Tis truly the peace that passes all understanding ..

Buddha I ask you, could meditation really compare to this?

I suggest the only valid way to answer that question is to try it and find out. Practise, patience and perseverance will be required, so don’t expect instant results and realize there is an art to it, like everything else.

Better still Taurus, why not combine the two, making love and meditation. Of all the signs perhaps, you are most naturally suited to it. See if you agree as I describe how to ‘do’ it. [I put ‘do’ in quotation marks, because strictly speaking, meditation can’t be done. Any technique only lays the ground for the space of meditation to spontaneously arise.] Okay, here goes.

While joined together, stay present, here-now, in the body. Breathe, relax, soften the belly. Don’t strive for an orgasm or any kind of peak experience. Enjoy the garden of delights blooming in the valley. Don’t fantasize. Be alert to thoughts and dreams of past and future taking you out of the body and into the mind. Keep your awareness centred in the body. Really feel the delicious sensation of skin-to-skin connection .. Relax deeper into each other .. Release any tension on the out-breath .. Let go .. a-a-h-h .. Let go even more on the out breath .. A-a-h-h-h .. .. Now rest and be still .. Absolutely still .. Alert, yet relaxed .. utterly relaxed .. No-thought, no-mind, no-past, no-future .. just the felt sensation of pure pleasure here-now in the body .. Mmmm .. Body-to-body .. Breathing as one .. Only one body .. breathing, feeling as one .. This is it .. Unity .. Union .. Bliss .. The space of meditation ..

Recognize this Taurus? If not, why not conduct the experiment. Try it before expressing an opinion or rejecting it out of hand. Experience is the only true test.

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