Venus transit through Cancer June 18 to July 12 2016

Here is my take on how Venus may express when in that sign.

The tender hearts of those with Venus in Cancer are protected by astute strategies to avoid potential hurt and rejection, especially because past heart break scars them deeply. Therefore trust and mutual concern must be well established before they will open and show their true feelings. This can take a long time. When the delicate flower of love does bloom, they make kind and caring lovers who skillfully combine the domestic and bedroom arts. This placement produces mother/lovers and father/protectors. Women are attracted to mature father types or wayward boy men, who they believe just need a good woman to bring out the best in them, whilst men are drawn to [preferably] full-breasted, very feminine women. Both sexes want to be looked after in the traditional way. Having children and creating a close-knit loving family with a beautiful home is the guiding romantic myth for those with this combination. Shadow qualities include a cloying smother love, and a clinging dependency which tends to bring about the very rejection and loss most feared.

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