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Saturn square Neptune June 2016

Saturn square Neptune: Exact Nov 2015 / June 2016 / Sep 2016

Saturn is the lord of karma, and represents the boundaries, forms and structures of consensus reality whilst Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, representing unconditional, boundless love. It is the archetype of oceanic unity consciousness, in which we as individual forms arise and dissolve as waves arise and dissolve into the undifferentiated ocean from which they arose ..

This challenging aspect is presenting in the outer world as the clash between a heartfelt ‘let them in’ Neptunian response to refugees escaping danger and oppression vs a Saturnian tough-minded closed border protection policy.

Personally, it may present as a challenge to stay present and grounded in the here and now as feelings of fear, anxiety, and dread swirl around in the collective sea of media driven emotion. A crisis of trust and faith may constellate, as questions of who and what can you trust arise.

It is time to avoid spiritual bypassing and get real, time to walk the talk of love and compassion, and build a bridge between the practical and the ideal, between earth and heaven, and ascend with both feet on the ground.

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