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Mercury in Cancer Transit

Mercury enters Cancer today, June 30 AEST at 9 24 am, where it will reside until July 14. Here’s my take on how it may express in that sign

When rational, objective Mercury transits through Cancer, a sign of subjective feeling strongly influenced by childhood memories and early family conditioning, thoughts and feelings mix and blend. Negatively, this can produce confused or biased thinking and communication difficulties caused by taking things too personally. On the other hand, communication is given emotional tone and colour, and the intuitive faculty is enhanced, which can produce inspired insights into individual psychology and its roots in early family patterning. It is an excellent placement for child rearing and teaching, because of the ability to perceive individual needs and any emotional factors underlying learning difficulties. It also favours creative writing through bestowing a gift for characterization and an ability to evoke the feeling and mood of a particular time and place. Intellectual interests include history, biography and researching ancestry. Classic family saga novels may also appeal. For those with this placement, Cancer’s association with food, home and domesticity make these the natural areas to apply their canny business sense to making money.

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