Mars Stations Direct June 30 AEST

As Mars is in it’s own sign Scorpio while it stations direct today, June 30 AEST, and hence at maximum potency, I am reposting my take on how it may express in that sign.

Mars, the Roman god of war and passion, is right at home in Scorpio, the sign it traditionally rules. People with this placement make both passionate fighters and passionate lovers. They love and hate with equal intensity, and what they hate most of all is middling mediocrity. It’s all black and white for them, as in ‘you’re either with me or against me’. Determined, even ruthless in pursuing power, money, sex and intensity they are capable of great endurance, and will persist until they succeed. Sex is a profound experience for them, and part of their very identity. Naturally private, even secretive, they hate other people knowing their business, for knowledge is power in their eyes. Extreme events or challenges bring out the best in them. When they feel they have been wronged, they can be implacable in the pursuit of vengeful justice. Life will teach them that hate cannot be conquered by hate, but only by love.

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