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Moon Poem for the Cancer New Moon

On this Cancer New Moon Day, it feels fitting to share this Moon prose poem, which is excerpted from my book The Planets Speak: Wisdom of the Gods. [Message me if you would like to purchase a copy.]


Tune in, relax, make yourself comfortable
Imagine moonlight on the sea, shimmering softly

Tune into your feelings ..

What are you feeling right now ?
Are you feeling nourished, taken care of ?
Do you feel secure, at home in yourself ?
Do you feel you belong in your family and place of residence ?
Does this very planet Earth feel like home to you ?
Or are you filled with longing to return to your Source ?

“Your birth is but a sleep and a forgetting
The soul that rises with you, your life’s star
Hath had elsewhere it’s setting, and cometh from afar
Not in entire forgetfulness
But trailing clouds of glory do you come
From God who is your home”
– William Wordsworth [paraphrased]

I take you in
Back to the past, to your origin
Back to your childhood, and back further still
To life in the womb, your first living room

Do you remember ?
Do you remember your ancestors ?
Your grandparents, and their parents too ?
Who were they and where did they live ?
What were their dreams and were they fulfilled ?
Or did they pass them on to you ?
Are you living their dreams or your own ?
And can you really separate the two ?

Whether your memories are happy or sad
They connect you to your roots
They are food for your soul
Honour and cherish them

Your family tree is your tree of life
The deeper the roots, the stronger the tree
And the stronger your sense of connection to life itself

Lest you forget

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