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Venus enters Leo

Venus entered Leo yesterday Tuesday July 12 AEST where it will reside until August 6. Here’s my take on how it may express when in that sign.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the centre and heart of our entire solar system, and Leo in turn rules the heart in the body, so not surprisingly Venus in Leo people lead from the heart in their entire approach to life. Leo gives warmth, drama and passion to Venus, so please applaud when these proud romantics burst into song, dance or speech to let the whole world know they are in love. They give a lot, and expect the same, which is a tall order for many a partner, as they are given to extravagant gestures and expensive tastes. Further, they take great pride in their appearance and expect their partner to do the same, for after all, their partner reflects [on] them. Demanding? Yes! A mature Leo Venus feels special inside, so doesn’t need to demand adoration or worship from a partner, but less evolved types exhibit a childish need for attention, which would be better fulfilled by taking up a creative vocation and putting to good use their abundant gifts and talents.

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