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Mars conjunct Saturn August 24 2016

The upcoming Mars conjunct Saturn alignment on Aug 24 AEST at 9 degrees 51 minutes Sagittarius is undeniably a challenging one, involving as it does the two ‘malefics’ of pre-modern psychological astrology. Here’s an article I wrote many moons ago for Well Being Astrology Magazine that focuses on this combination of planets in the context of using astrology for personal growth.

Astrology for Personal Growth

Astrology is a powerful tool that needs to be handled wisely if it is to fulfil its sacred task of guiding us to actualize the full potential of what our birth chart indicates we are ‘meant to’ become.

All too often however, people hook into negative interpretations of their difficult chart aspects as though these are written in the sky and thus have the status of immutable truth. In so doing they fall into the trap of allowing astrology to limit and negatively define them. What they get out of astrology then is only more good reasons for why-they-are-the-way-they-are and their life is-the-way-it-is and reinforcement of the fatalistic attitude that there is nothing that can be done about that for it is ‘written in the stars’.

It cannot be denied that such a victim like attitude has its psychological attractions, for when all else fails you can always ‘blame it on the stars’. The ultimate cop-out!

The way out of that cul-de-sac is to realize that any interpretation you read is just that, an interpretation, the truth of which is necessarily limited by the level of knowledge and wisdom and inherent subjectivity of the author, and the fact that the writer cannot possibly take into account all the variables that come into play when that aspect is considered in the context of a whole chart.

In any given chart for instance, a challenging aspect like Mars conjunct Saturn say, which implies blockage of ego drives, may have outlets for that blockage via flowing aspects to either or both planets. Also, what if the conjunction is in the sign Capricorn, the sign that Saturn rules, and the sign of Mars so called exaltation? Then the conjunction is much more likely to manifest its positive potentials, as Capricorn is less likely to be bothered by the delayed gratification the aspect implies and might even welcome the discipline and restriction necessitated by the aspect as the price it is more than willing to pay for the achievement of a hard earned promotion to a position of executive leadership say. On the other hand, if the conjunction was in impatient Aries it might be experienced as far more frustrating, especially for a young person.

To conclude, here is an outline of some key dimensions and potentials of Mars / Saturn aspects to illustrate the general point that any challenging aspect has positive potentials. It is important to be creative and to always keep in mind that all problems are opportunities in disguise. Life is an alchemical process of turning lead into gold.

Images and Metaphors
– driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake
– banging your head against a brick wall
– a teen-ager arguing with a parent
– a military parade; a martial arts demonstration
– turtle beating the hare

Negative Manifestations
– hard labour; doing it the hard way; stress, frustration, wear and tear
– self-defeating action; self sabotage; unconsciousness
– fear of taking action, of getting it wrong, making a mistake, failure or rejection;
paralysis of will, hesitancy; stop/start
– over or under assertion; explosion = anger, rage, violence ..
implosion = impotence, inadequacy, failure, resignation, breakdown ..
– blocked energy; impeded movement; delayed gratification; frustrated desire;
lack of progress or achievement

Positive Manifestations
– contained energy; bounded desire; voluntary restraint; appropriate caution
– structured-disciplined-focused action or movement
– considered-precise-intelligent-effective action
– long term strategy
– leadership, authority, responsibility, respect, wisdom, awareness

– good timing based on experience; ‘there’s a time to push forward and a time to retreat’
– ‘neither make haste nor postpone’; the ‘longest way around is the shortest way there’

– working smarter rather than harder; economy of movement; effort without stress;
– ergonomic design
– energy conservation, sex without ejaculation, retention of semen

– patience, endurance, acceptance .. of what is, of how things are, of limits
– success in mature age; well earned success
– lasting achievement

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