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Venus into Libra August 30 2016

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Libra on Tusday August 30 at 12:06 pm AEST where it will reside until Sep 24. Here’s my take on how it may express when in that sign, one of the sign’s of it’s rulership.

“Beauty is truth, and truth is beauty” is the defining sentiment of Venus in Libra. Certainly it would make a good subject for the dinner parties that these artful conversationalists either organize or get invited to. To get an invitation, it will be a great help if you possess cultured intelligence and good looks, or innate style, charm, elegance and grace. And to be sure, Venus in Libra people often are beautiful, with symmetrical and proportionate features, but certainly all will make the effort to look the best they can, women in particular often spending a small fortune on adornment and beautification. While this can degenerate into mere vanity and a love affair with the mirror, it also fits them well for vocations where appearance counts, such as the performing arts, modeling and television presentation, or make-up, hair styling, photography and design. Relationship is all-important for Libra Venus. Their heart’s desire is for marriage to a romantic loving partner who is their complementary equal. Then, simply sharing life together, doing pretty much everything together, would be as much as they would ask for.


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