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Mars enters Capricorn Sep 27, 2016

Mars enters Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, on Tuesday September 27 at 6:06 pm AEST where it will reside until Nov 9. Here’s my brief take on how it may express in that sign.
The driving initiative of Mars is harnessed by the mature practical wisdom of Capricorn to achieve career advancement, professional excellence, and financial freedom. Strategic planning, hard work, and an ability to delay present gratification in the interest of long term success make this a winning combination. If and when they do make it to the top, Capricorn Mars people exercise firm and responsible leadership, which tends to inspire respect rather than love. Former Prime Minister John Howard provides a defining example. In the sexual arena, once the cares of the day have been dropped and their natural reserve overcome, they can be quite lustful. They may need to watch that the urgency of their drive for orgasmic stress release doesn’t leave their partner feeling used.

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