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Mercury into Libra on Oct 7

Mercury transits into Libra on Friday Oct 7 AEDT where it will reside until October 25. Here’s my take on how it may express when in that sign
This placement gives good reasoning powers based on objective principles, a developed aesthetic sense, and avid interest in people, their psychology, and relationships. Why people are the way they are, and why relationships succeed or fail exerts a perennial fascination. Communication is very important to people with this placement, both personally and professionally, and typically they bring clarity, impartiality, appreciation for different points of view, and a fine balance between talking and listening to any discussion. Not surprisingly, occupations where these qualities are valued such as counselling, human relations, the law, diplomacy, psychology, and astrology attract them. A meeting of minds is an essential ingredient of a fulfilling relationship for them, as is a sense of being complementary equals. Good manners are also valued. Negatively, their need to be fair and reasonable, and to talk things through, can inhibit timely decision-making. Also the Libran aversion to conflict can inhibit sincere and authentic communication.

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