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The Darker Tone of Libra in 2016

Libra Season has a darker tone whilst Venus, it’s planetary ruler is in Scorpio. Here’s a riff to illustrate how that might show up from the Libra chapter of my book Signs of the Zodiac: Clothing of the Self

Channelling Libra, beware now as I turn on the fatal charm. Librans really are such nice people aren’t they? So considerate and understanding, not to mention sophisticated, charming, gracious and balanced – the women having brains as well as looks, the men manners and good taste. They know how to treat a woman like a lady. Think Hugh Jackman, star of the movie Australia; pop singer Cliff Richards; the ‘sultan of suave’, Roxy Music lead singer, Bryan Ferry; the one time James Bond, actor Roger Moore; and the urbane former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and you’ll get the idea.

Remember flattery will get you everywhere with Libra. What a pity the principle of polarity reigns supreme in this world. So alas, ‘tis true, even Librans have a shadow side. Handsome princes turn out to be frogs, fairy tale romances turn into nightmares, and, straight from the pen of that profoundly wise Libran aesthete, Oscar Wilde, the tragic truth that, “Each man kills the thing he loves – Some do it with a bitter look / Some with a flattering word / The coward does it with a kiss / The brave man with a sword / Some kill their love when they are young / And some when they are old / Some strangle with the hands of lust / Some with the hands of gold / The kindest use the knife, because / The dead so soon grow cold.”

In a similar vein, he writes with bitter wisdom born out of his disastrous love affair with fellow Libran Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, which turned out to be the ruin of his life: “Life cheats us with its shadows. We ask it for pleasure. It gives it to us, with bitterness and disappointment in its train. And we find ourselves looking with a dull heart of stone at the tress of gold-flecked hair that we had once so wildly worshipped and so madly kissed .. In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants. The other is getting it.”

Oscar’s sobering experience, sadly, is an all too common one, for who has not had the experience of a lover turning into an intimate enemy, and even greater horror, of seeing one’s own role in perpetrating this? The fact is, our romantic partners are a mirror in which we get to see ourselves, so Libra, if it’s an enemy you perceive when you look upon your beloved, it might well be wise to take to heart Oscar’s further sage advice: “Choose your enemies wisely, for you will become like them.”

For further exploration of the shadow side of relating from inside the mind of Libra, consider the works of the seminal anti-psychiatrist R.D. Laing, especially Self And Other; Knots; and Do You Really Love Me, in which he exposes how lovers and parents manipulate in the name of love. And for the coup de grace, look at the behaviour of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, the most influential mythological representation of Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, to see the vanity, spitefulness, and vindictive jealousy Libra is capable of.

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