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The Passion of Leonard Cohen

The Passion of Leonard
I just listened to Leonard Cohen’s latest album You Want It Darker downloaded free from Spotify. A miniature masterpiece in my opinion. As always, an artful marriage of the sacred and the profane, working the familiar theme of love lost and found in the liminal realms that embrace both the devil and the divine .. Such love tastes both bitter and sweet, and is flavored with notes of nostalgia and regret, and the exquisitely textured music, as only music can, evokes ineffable depths of feeling .. All up, this is the work of a master artist / craftsman at the top of his game attaining to near perfection.
And in this elegiac farewell offering with its seamless blend of a spacious Zen aesthetic with biblical themes of sin, failure and redemption, all suffused with a mood of compassionate acceptance, I see the astrological signature of his 12th house Venus conjunct Neptune in Virgo manifesting at its highest level of expression:
– 12th House (ashrams, monasteries, places of solitude and confinement; suffering, sacrifice, endings, completion)
– Venus (the refined, artistic lover)
– Neptune (spiritual, mystical, transcendent)
– Virgo (impeccable craftsmanship, not a word or musical note out of place, minimalism, perfectionism, self-deprecating humility, the pure/impure, saint/sinner dichotomies)
Thank you Leonard

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