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Astro-Update Sunday October 23 AEDT

 Astro-Update Sunday October 23 AEDT

The Moon is now in Leo where it will reside until 2:17 pm, Tuesday October AEDT, and the Sun entered Scorpio this morning at 9:45 am AEDT. So we have fire and water combining for the next couple of days. Will Scorpio water put Leo fire out, or will Leo fire make Scorpio water boil? Or will an alchemical blend of warmth, passion, and deep, authentic meeting be achieved? Here’s my take on how the Moon may express when in Leo and an excerpt from the Scorpio chapter of my book Signs of the Zodiac: Clothing of the Self. Message me if you would like to buy a copy or get a reading on what lies ahead for you based on your personal birth chart.

Moon in Leo
Leo is a sign of dignity and power, associated with the lion, the king of the beasts, and also with children, play and creativity. When the Moon, the family planet par excellence is placed in Leo, all these aspects come to the fore. Those with this placement have an habitual need to be the centre of attention, to be seen and heard, loud and clear. If they are ignored or displaced into the periphery they tend to feel insecure and unloved. Immature types react by throwing a tantrum or trying even harder to put on a good show in order to restore their divinely ordained place at the centre of things. It’s hard not to think of a demanding child in this case, and indeed some do exhibit a childish self-centeredness that is tiring and boring for others to be around. Some more evolved types have a natural dignity and quietly powerful presence that commands respect, while others emanate love and joy from their whole being, and seem to effortlessly shine in whatever they do, whether that be putting on a party, making a present for a loved one, or a hundred and one other small creative acts and gestures that attract others like a moth to a flame. Life itself for them is a stage and they take a child-like delight in simply being a player. Other things being equal, they like to live like royalty and to entertain on a grand scale. Like everything in their lives their homes reflect on them and so they are invariably house proud, and can easily feel shame or envy if circumstances reduce them to poverty.

Women can be competitive with other women, and men seek a woman who reflects favourably on them. Both sexes make loyal partners and proud parents who strive to give their children the best of everything, number one being the gift of love. Less happily, some attempt to live vicariously through their children to make up for their own unfulfilled lives. These types push their children into the spotlight and pressure them to succeed regardless of the child’s own desires or individual talents and dreams.

Sun in Scorpio
“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people”
– Carl Jung

“What is to give light must endure burning”
– Victor Frankel

Ruled by Pluto, mythological Lord of the Underworld, though traditionally ruled by the planet Mars, the god of war and passion, Scorpio is the most fiery water sign. Hot water is an apt image. Water is the element associated with feelings and emotions, hence Scorpio’s penchant for the hot emotions of lust, rage and jealousy. If you can’t stand the heat, best stay out of the Scorpio bed room !

That is a cautionary warning, not quite an ultimatum, yet have you noticed how Scorpio is given to issuing ultimatums? A classic is “It’s all or nothing”. Threats are another favourite form of discourse, such as, “If you see her again you’re dead meat.” Funnily enough, some people seem to love that kind of challenge. Or at least it seems to hook them in.

Mention of hooks and dead meat reminds me of the Sumerian myth of Innana, the Queen of Heaven’s descent into the underworld domain of her sister Ereshkigal, ‘Lady of the Great Place Below’, in which she is progressively stripped naked, and at her lowest ebb, ravaged, and her carcass hung on a hook to rot. When you consider that it is the fate of many a Scorpio to experience such extremes of suffering, it may be understood how their famous passion may transmute into compassion, which then becomes the underlying wellspring of their life and work. French writer, Albert Camus, author of The Plague, may speak for many when he writes: “I have such a strong desire to help reduce the sum of unhappiness and bitterness which empoisons mankind.”

Sufi mystic Rumi penetrates to the core of Scorpionic suffering when he writes: “The soul is a newly skinned hide, bloody and gross / Work on it with manual discipline, and the bitter tanning acid of grief and you’ll become lovely and very strong / If you can’t do this work yourself, don’t worry / You don’t even have to make a decision, one way or another / The Friend, who knows a lot more than you do, will bring difficulties, and grief, and sickness / as medicine, as happiness, as the essence of the moment when you’re beaten, when you hear checkmate, and can finally say, with Hallaj’s voice / I trust you to kill me.”

Sun sign Gemini Andrew Harvey, sacred activist, Rumi scholar and devotee of Mother Meera, may further inspire Scorpio with this excerpt from his spiritual autobiography Hidden Journey: “Without that first wound [being put in boarding school and thus being separated from his beloved mother] I would not have needed love so much or been prepared to risk everything in its search .. From the deepest wound of my life, grew its miraculous possibility.”

Scorpio’s are the psychic detectives of the zodiac, adept at eliciting information from others, yet just watch them retreat behind their impenetrable gaze when you want to find out more about them. Must be from the need to protect all those deep dark secrets they keep locked up in the dungeons of their psyches. Let’s listen in on a typical conversation to illustrate that in the world of Scorpio suspicion of others is liable to be based on knowledge of themselves. Pay close attention to the sub-text, as with Scorpio, what is not said, is often as significant as what is:

[She] “Hi, how’s things?”

[Scorpio is immediately suspicious. He thinks to himself why is she being so friendly? I wonder what she wants, I wonder if she knows about .. How could she? I haven’t told anybody .. at least I don’t think I have .. Hold on .. I did, I told Jenny .. what a bitch! I told her not to tell a soul and now she’s betrayed me .. Jesus, you can’t trust anybody can you !]

[He] “Good, how’s things with you?” [He says unconvincingly, giving the game away with an inappropriate intensity of eye contact]

[Feeling decidedly uneasy now, she thinks to herself, ‘It really is true what they say about Scorpios isn’t it? What an arse-hole.’]

[She] “Bye”

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