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Brief Astro-Update – Oct 29

Brief Astro-Update – Oct 29

This week the Sun and Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, have been tracking closely together in Scorpio, bringing to light much hidden shadow material, both personal and collective. Ouch! There’s no hiding from Scorpio’s inbuilt bullshit detector at present. Unless you are a cleanskin, this is not a good time to take a lie detector test. Also, a series of planetary alignments involving Venus are putting relationships and the values they are based on under the spotlight. This is likely to culminate in a decisive make or break decision when Venus conjuncts Saturn, the planet of boundaries and commitment this weekend. However, with assertive Mars making a challenging connection to rebellious Uranus as well, forget about simply laying down the law and saying ‘it’s my way or the highway’ – unless you’re up for an unplanned road trip!

Message me if you would like a personal reading to decode what all this signifies and portends for you.

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