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Astrology of Donald Trump and his Election

A couple of Astro-Snippets re Donald Trump and his election as President. He was born on a Full Moon in Sagittarius opposite his Gemini Sun which is conjunct wild card, provocateur Uranus. His victory in true Uranian style is a surprise and shocking to many, and comes as transiting Uranus in Aries harmonically trines his Moon and sextiles his Sun.

Transiting Chiron in Pisces, the wounded healer archetype, has been activating his chart throughout his contest with Clinton, in both challenging, (squaring his Sun and Moon) and harmonious, (trining his Venus Saturn conjunction in Cancer) ways. Many wounds, both personal and collective have been opened, and both given and received throughout the bruising, vicious campaign – corruption, racism, and sexism to name a few. Healing these will undoubtedly prove both vexing and challenging.

Transiting Saturn, the karmic planet of just reward and punishment aligned with his birthplace Chiron just a couple of days ago. Astro Gold gives this strikingly apt interpretation:
Transiting Saturn Sextile Radix Chiron
Sat 14°Sg54’44”D [H4]
Chi 14°Li54’44”D [H2]
“Opportunities abound for you to discover your true gifts and .. avenues of expression. If you are already aware of your gifts then you can now move forward in the knowledge that the timing is right for you to share your talents with the world. Others will respect your right to follow your true path. This is a joyful time when you have just the right blend of wisdom and understanding and introspection and action.”

And to astrologically crown a happy outcome for Trump, transiting Venus, the planet of love in exuberant Sagittarius aligns with his alpha male Mars in Leo, the sign of the King!

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