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Trump Victory and Mars in Aquarius

The cosmos it seems has appointed Trump to be an agent provocateur of change taking note of the fact that Mars, the uber masculine god of war and passion entered Aquarius, the humanitarian sign of freedom, revolution, and rebellion soon after Trump achieved victory. It could be said he was born for this time as he is Mars ruled, having Mars in fiery Leo conjunct Leo Rising, the sign of the King. A leading question is can he subdue his outsized Leonine ego to be of genuine and effective service to the people, the province of Aquarius. Despite my cynicism, perhaps his unexpectedly gracious victory speech augurs well?

Once again, here’s my take on how Mars may function when in Aquarius: Mars in Aquarius produces the freedom fighters of the zodiac. Armed with the courage of conviction, they will dare to be different, rather than conform to the expectations of others or the established ways of doing things. Intolerant of intolerance, these rebellious iconoclasts insist on the freedom of each and everyone to live as they see fit, and abhor stupidity, prejudice and injustice with a passion. Thus they make willing activists who will readily engage in protest and confrontation in the pursuit of a cause, perhaps needing to realize that people of equal sincerity and conviction can legitimately hold opposing views. Friendship is very important to them. Without it, they can easily become estranged outsiders who don’t fit in anywhere. What really inspires them is joining together with like-minds to co-create something new and original that will make the world a better place. Sexually, they take – and possibly demand – an open and experimental approach.

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