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Mercury into Sagittarius

Mercury entered Sagittarius early this morning Sunday Nov 13 AEDT where it will reside until December 3. Here’s my take on how it may express when in that sign.
Mercury searches far and wide in Sagittarius to discover answers to the big questions, like what is the meaning of life, what is my purpose for being here, is there a God? etc. This search is typically conducted through the study of literature, philosophy and religion, or travel to sacred sites and ‘power spots’ in distant lands, or simply through contemplation and meditation. Those with this placement are generally avid readers and travelers for sheer pleasure too. Intellectually, their gifts are for synthesis and overview rather than detailed analysis, and they are much given to prophecy and story-telling where they rarely let a mere fact stand in the way of a good story. Their communication style is humorous, opinionated and loquacious, and many are amateur, if not professional comedians, ‘shock jocks’, media commentators, and sporting pundits. Teaching, documentary making, journalism and writing are other favoured vocational pursuits, whilst in business, their innate optimism and ‘gift of the gab’ suits them to marketing, sales, gambling and share trading. Shortcomings include a tendency to exaggerate, being sloppy on detail, promising more than they deliver, and not practicing what they preach.

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