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A Neptunian Astro Update, November 19

A Neptunian Astro Update, November 19
Neptune, god of the ocean, and planetary ruler of Pisces, is the star of the cosmic play at present as it aligns with thinking Mercury, loving Venus, fighting Mars, and the slow moving karmic South Node of the Moon. Samskaric wounds and discontents from the depths of time past rise to the surface amidst a collective sea of confusion, longing and anger at the state of the world. A world where life is still nasty, brutish and short for too many, yet too long, hopeless and depressing for others, and impossibly glamorous, free and easy for the fortunate few ..
Ah Neptune, magical, mystical Neptune, deeply deceptive Neptune. Weaver of illusions and visions sublime / Spirit of the dream time and love so divine / You entrance, enchant and crucify. Fill us with yearning to escape the samsaric wheel of time bound Saturnian reality. The unreal real world of separation, protection and control, of money and work, bills and taxes, wear and tear, old age, sickness and death.
A-h-h .. Is this all there is? Beyond hope and despair, life is at is, same as it ever was. Same shit, different bucket. Happy and sad, up and down, love is the answer, now what was the question?
Love makes the Sun come up / Love makes the Moon change shape / Love makes the Stars twinkle in the sky / Love makes the world go round.
You wouldn’t be dead for quids, would you? And when all else fails, forget your troubles and dance!
See you at the Mullumbimby Music Festival 💚
PS, Message me if you would like a personal reading on what Neptune is doing in your chart, or a more general natal or year ahead overview

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