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Mercury Retrograde Reviewed 1-1-2017

A New Year Review of Mercury’s current Retrograde in Capricorn.  Mercury rules communications, commerce, data, information and travel. He was known as Hermes in Greek mythology, a trickster god who was the patron of merchants and thieves. He was the only god who could do down into Hades (Pluto’s) underworld domain and return unscathed. Who … Continue reading

Astro-Update 31-12-2016
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Astro-Update 31-12-2016

Astro- Update 31-12-2016  Each end a beginning / Each beginning an end” 2016 ends and 2017 begins with Jupiter, planet of expansion, belief, and higher understanding re-activating the separating but still potent 90 degree square alignment of the planets Uranus (revolt, rebellion, revolution) and Pluto (money, power, transformation). And right here in Byron Bay all … Continue reading


Mercury Retrograde Ahead!

Mercury Retrograde Ahead! Time to put our inbuilt bullshit detectors on high alert, as this retrograde begins as Mercury conjuncts manipulative, hidden persuader Pluto in the sign of government, Capricorn. The Zeitgeist themes of truth and lies, information and dis-information, propaganda masquerading as news, and really the whole issue of who and what can we … Continue reading

Sagittarius Time and Osho as an archetypical Sun Sign Sagittarian
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Sagittarius Time and Osho as an archetypical Sun Sign Sagittarian

With 4 planets currently in Sagittarius, and with the Moon and Mercury having just passed over the Galactic Centre, [Wednesday Dec 1, early afternoon, AEDT] the time is propitious to post my take on the Indian spiritual master Osho as an archetypical Sagittarian. It is excerpted from the Sagittarius chapter of my book Signs of … Continue reading