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Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 3 2016

Mercury entered Capricorn at 7:17 am, Saturday Dec 3, AEDT, where it will reside until February 7 when it enters Aquarius. During this long stay in Capricorn it will turn retrograde on Dec 19, and spend 8 days in late Sagittarius from the 5th to the 13th of January, where it will turn direct on Jan 8. Here’s my take on how it may express when in Capricorn.
The methodical and organized thinking of those with Mercury in Capricorn is directed towards career advancement, financial security and material acquisition. They make diligent students who will work long and hard to master a discipline, and exacting teachers who are strong on punctuality, objective assessment, and respect for authority. They also excel as executives and bureaucrats in large organizations where operating within a clearly defined area of responsibility according to strict rule-based procedures suits them well. These hard-headed realists are not ones for thinking outside the square, and tend to be dismissive of subjects like astrology which don’t fit into mainstream views of reality. Their communication style is to be clear, factual, and respectful, and more interested in practical outcomes than theoretical analysis or emotional responses. Negatively, a lack of warmth and empathy in personal communication can compromise the quality of their relationships, adherence to established procedures can degenerate into rule worship, and a closed-minded materialistic approach to life can leave them feeling hopeless and helpless when forced to confront emotional loss and death.

One thought on “Mercury enters Capricorn on Dec 3 2016

  1. I am curious because my Mercury is in Cancer, so for me is it a polarity? Is the manifestation going to be totally opposite to the ones said here? How are Mercury in Cancer people.


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