Mercury Retrograde Ahead!

Mercury Retrograde Ahead!
Time to put our inbuilt bullshit detectors on high alert, as this retrograde begins as Mercury conjuncts manipulative, hidden persuader Pluto in the sign of government, Capricorn. The Zeitgeist themes of truth and lies, information and dis-information, propaganda masquerading as news, and really the whole issue of who and what can we believe and trust comes into high intensity focus. As always, the latin phrase ‘qui bono’, literally ‘who benefits’, and the maxim ‘follow the money’ will prove valuable in navigating through the maze of lies and deceit. 
On a more specifically personal level this is a perfect time to penetrate to the core of any unresolved authority issues coming down the father line and more generally to review what’s working and what’s not in the areas of money, work, and career, and then to take personal responsibility for ‘getting it together’.
(Posted Dec 17, Retrograde begins on Dec 19)

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