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Mars enters Pisces

Mars, the god of war and passion, sex and aggression, drive and initiative enters Pisces today, Monday Dec 19 AEDT, where it will reside until Jan 28 2017. Here’s my take on how it may express when in that sign.

Pisces colours the actions of Mars with sensitivity and feeling, so this is more a dancer than a warrior Mars. Rather than tackle issues or obstacles head on, it will attempt to follow the path of least resistance and flow around them, rather than waste energy in direct confrontation. Its mode of action is subtle and indirect, though not for that reason less effective in obtaining the soulful sex, exotic adventures, or transcendent experiences that it desires. In fact, Piscean Mars people can be artful seducers that more overtly ‘macho’ Mars could learn from. Artistic expression and compassionate service to help the poor and needy are other typical motivations that move this Mars to action. However, surrender to escapist or addictive urges, passive acceptance of unsatisfactory situations that could be changed with a little will-power and fortitude, and a tendency to slip, slide and evade responsibility are less attractive qualities that balance the ledger.

“I do not conquer, I submit” – Legendary lover Casanova. A Sun sign Aries with Mars in Pisces

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