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Astro-Update Xmas Day 2016

There are some wonderful planetary alignments today that could make for a truly happy Xmas, though with the Moon in Scorpio all day and night, there is an underlying potential for ancient hurts to surface and stir up uncontrollable intense emotions. Late afternoon, when the Moon squares Venus is the witching hour to be alert to. 

Venus, the planet of love and relating in Aquarius, the sign of brother and sisterhood, harmonizing with expansive, generous Jupiter in peace loving Libra, and wild card Uranus in self-oriented Aries, and patriarch Saturn in exuberant Sagittarius and maverick shape shifting Chiron in empathic Pisces augurs well for a memorable day of life, love and laughter mixed in with dark chocolate shades and moods to keep it real courtesy of the Moon in Scorpio. This Moon will no doubt evoke a complex cocktail of feelings and emotions for loved [and unlamented] ones no longer with us. 
I will post more on the big picture planetary alignments of Saturn trine Uranus and Jupiter opposing Uranus tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s my generic take on how the Moon may express in those born with this placement:
 There is nothing half-hearted about those with Moon in Scorpio. They react to life with a deeply felt passionate intensity, for good or bad, or better or worse as the case maybe. It’s all black or white for them, with nothing in between. You’re either with them or against them. You’re in, or you’re out. With that kind of attitude it’s not surprising that their emotional and home life is characterized by turbulence, conflict and emotionally charged endings and new beginnings. For some it’s all kept inside, so that from the outside the casual acquaintance might not suspect any of that, but their close intimates would sense via subtle signs that volcanic emotions are bubbling away in their guts. Hidden behind that neutral exterior a war maybe going on between that which they feel they should do versus that which they want to do. A battle between, for example, temptation versus fidelity, or the desire for revenge versus the desire to understand, forgive, and move on. More generally, the battle is between taking the high road of healing and forgiveness versus the low road of rage and resentment. For those that let it all out, perhaps because they have a fire sign Ascendant for example, their extreme emotional reactions cause family feuds, relationship break ups, fall outs with friends, and loss of jobs. Further, close friends and family members typically polarize into for and against camps, with once again, few taking up the middle ground. No wonder they choose to keep it all in most of the time! 
At best, Moon in Scorpio people are deeply loyal types who will stand by you when the going gets tough. Crisis and adversity bring out the best in them, and their strength, courage, and non-judgmental acceptance of the worst in human nature allows them to really be there for friends and family in their hour of need. They like to keep their personal and home life private and are adept at freezing out unwelcome guests and relatives. Women make trusted confidants for their women friends and children, but need to be careful of becoming possessive and prying mothers. Men with this placement are drawn to intriguing and mysterious women who may also turn out to be jealous and secretive like themselves.

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