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Mercury Retrograde Reviewed 1-1-2017

A New Year Review of Mercury’s current Retrograde in Capricorn.  Mercury rules communications, commerce, data, information and travel. He was known as Hermes in Greek mythology, a trickster god who was the patron of merchants and thieves. He was the only god who could do down into Hades (Pluto’s) underworld domain and return unscathed. Who … Continue reading

Astro-Update 31-12-2016
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Astro-Update 31-12-2016

Astro- Update 31-12-2016  Each end a beginning / Each beginning an end” 2016 ends and 2017 begins with Jupiter, planet of expansion, belief, and higher understanding re-activating the separating but still potent 90 degree square alignment of the planets Uranus (revolt, rebellion, revolution) and Pluto (money, power, transformation). And right here in Byron Bay all … Continue reading