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Mercury Retrograde Reviewed 1-1-2017

A New Year Review of Mercury’s current Retrograde in Capricorn. 
Mercury rules communications, commerce, data, information and travel. He was known as Hermes in Greek mythology, a trickster god who was the patron of merchants and thieves. He was the only god who could do down into Hades (Pluto’s) underworld domain and return unscathed. Who does that remind you of? Mercury ruled Gemini Sun sign Donald Trump of course, that money talking and bullshit walking deal maker extraordinaire.
Much of what follows is from an original article by The Oxford Astrologer, edited by me.
Retrograde Key Dates
Mercury turned Rx on December 19 at 15° Capricorn. Met the Sun on December 28 at 7° Capricorn. Turns direct on January 8 at 28° Sagittarius. Returns to 15° Capricorn on January 27. Squares Uranus on February 1. Leaves Capricorn on February 7.
In 2016, Mercury’s three retrogrades were almost 

exclusively in earth signs, squeaking into other signs for a day or less. Practical changes have been afoot. These have been to do with money and government regulations. The pension assets test change in Australia is a current example. A noteworthy feature is that Mercury is retracing all the degrees that Pluto has recently made his own in Capricorn since 2008. Pluto in Capricorn has been transforming the world economy — and possibly not for the better. We saw this in action in the GFC as soon as the Lord of Plutocrats entered Capricorn, the sign of the Establishment, International Structures, and Hierarchy. Now we are getting a chance to review Pluto’s scorched earth action in Capricorn so far.
In Dec 2016 we saw some very literal changes in how money works in the world. In India, “demonetisation” was imposed by the government. Basically, small denomination notes have been taken out of circulation with lightning speed to be replaced by plastic. Since most Indians (some estimates say over 90%) are paid in cash, the impact has been disastrous. The results so far have been devastating for the poor. The purpose of this move was to root out corruption – a classic Plutonian theme. Decisions by government (Capricorn) have rendered people who were just coping completely destitute. It’s the difference between feeding your family and starving in some cases.
Fighting corruption has been one of the motivators — social unrest and revolt (Uranus) is likely one of the results. 
Be prepared for a lot more dirty dealing to be revealed over the next few weeks. One example is the recent revelation that Trump has been encouraging visiting diplomats to stay at his hotels. Just one of many questionable conflicts of interests that are set to bedevil the Presidency of this Mercurial Plutocrat.
Another example is the December 2016 revelation that 1 Billion Yahoo Accounts were hacked in 2013. Big, big numbers of people are feeling the effects of this transit personally already. 
Pluto is about vast wealth. Mafia bosses are Plutonian avatars, but so is the chief of police .. 
Watch out when Uranus turns direct on December 29, Mercury turns direct on January 8 and when these two meet on February 1. This will wake up the Uranus-Pluto square again.l

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