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Pisces to the Max

Super Piscean Time 3-1-2017
Currently the Moon is in Pisces, ensconced between Neptune and Mars, along with Chiron and the South Node of the Moon, and, as if that’s not more than enough fishiness for you, Venus is about to enter Pisces at 5:46 pm AEDT, where it will reside until February 4. 
Here’s my take on how Venus may express when in Pisces, followed by the Moon and I’ll repost my Mars in Pisces take as well .. Personal message me if you would like a reading on how and where in your chart all this Piscean energy is influencing you, and / or a general future forecast for the year ahead

To understand Venus in Pisces, imagine an ocean of love that your soul remembers as the place you come from, and indeed who you truly are. Then imagine feeling such an overwhelming longing for love that it all but cripples your ability to function in the world. And then imagine a long and testing journey filled with confusion, heart break, disillusionment and despair which culminates in finally finding and marrying the soul mate you’ve been searching for lifetimes – truly a dream come true. What joy, what rapture! 
And then imagine creating inspired works of art and becoming a famous artist, and further, that fame not corrupting you, and you staying the kind-hearted soul you always have been. And then the ultimate, imagine finding and experiencing nothing less than the Love Supreme, the love that has no name .. then you will understand. And finally, don’t dismiss this as ‘only’ imagination if you want to be loved by these oh-so-sensitive romantic souls.

Moon in Pisces people respond to life from their feelings – which run the whole gamut from feelings of longing and yearning, sympathy and empathy, passion and compassion, to confusion and despair, joy and wonder. One could go on, it’s difficult to draw a boundary when attuning to this fluid and watery Moon. Visualize the ocean in its vast depths and ever changing moods to get a sense of this complex and unfathomable Moon. And indeed, many with this placement find they need to live near the ocean itself to feel truly at home. It helps them it seems, to feel that deep inner peace that nourishes their soul. They also find solace and inspiration in art and music, and all forms of nature. These gentle, kind-hearted types tend to get overwhelmed at times by the demands of living in this harsh and unforgiving material world, with all its pain and sadness. Typically they would rather hurt themselves than hurt another. This can have its shadow side, leading them to stay too long in unfulfilling relationships, and to neglect their own legitimate interests. Far easier for them to be the martyr or victim than the [perceived] cause of another’s pain. They bond easily, perhaps too easily with others, and readily provide tea and sympathy to those in need. Perhaps it is in parenting that many find their greatest joy, and a corresponding sense of gratitude for the gift and opportunity to experience unconditional love.  

Pisces colours the actions of Mars with sensitivity and feeling, so this is more a dancer than a warrior Mars. Rather than tackle issues or obstacles head on, it will attempt to follow the path of least resistance and flow around them, rather than waste energy in direct confrontation. Its mode of action is subtle and indirect, though not for that reason less effective in obtaining the soulful sex, exotic adventures, or transcendent experiences that it desires. In fact, Piscean Mars people can be artful seducers that more overtly ‘macho’ Mars could learn from. Artistic expression and compassionate service to help the sad and needy are other typical motivations that move this Mars to action. Surrender to escapist or addictive urges, passive acceptance of unsatisfactory situations that could be changed with a little will-power and fortitude, and a tendency to slip, slide and evade responsibility are less attractive qualities that balance the ledger.

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