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Astrology of Chuck Berry

For afficianados of astrology reading obituaries of famous people is a great way to view how a birth chart works out in a life as lived. For example, Chuck Berry is a paradigm example of a complex and enigmatic 12th house individual, the 12th house being the house of self-undoing, (or self-transcendence ) associated with places of solitude and confinement such as prisons (or ashrams as in the case of Leonard Cohen). It also typically gives rise to deeply karmic persecutor, victim, and rescuer issues ..
Here’s a couple of relevant excerpts from a NYT Obituary “Sweet Tunes, Fast Beats and a Hard Edge”.
“He’s a really complex character, a man who knows he’s changed the face of American music but, at the same time, still a black man who was sent to jail for bringing a white girl across the border.” 
Mr. Hackford said part of the problem was that Mr. Berry was not fully aware of his gifts. ”As a songwriter, he’s extraordinary, but I don’t think he gives himself much credit for that,” he said. ”He sees himself as a guitarist. His ego isn’t in the right place.”
Mr. Berry once saw Nat King Cole walk across a street in New York City, but was too intimidated to approach him, Mr. Hackford said. ”He felt, ‘I’m not worthy, I can’t shake his hand,’ ” he said. ”Chuck Berry will die an incredibly complicated man.”

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