Venus Retrograde Update April 2, 2017

Venus Astro-Update April 2
Venus is retrograding back into Pisces tomorrow, Monday April 3 at 10:25 am AEST. It will turn direct in that sign on April 15, and transit back into Aries on April 28. Here’s my take on how it may express in those two signs. See if you notice the difference when it changes sign ,,
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Venus in Aries

These passionate romantics are natural born hunters in the wilds of desire. For them, the thrill of the quest and its end game, conquest, is what gets their heart fires burning. Their courting style is to get straight to the point. No games, no bullshit. If you like me, show me; if you want me, take me! 
Fools for love, brave hearts all, their courage and daring may initially be seen as attractive and inspiring to potential partners, but in an established relationship, their ‘me-first’ attitude is likely to lead to arguments and blow-ups over issues of fairness and co-operation. Sparks and friction are inevitable, but in compensation, a relationship with them will never be boring. How long it lasts is another matter, for domesticity and routine are not their forte. To keep their heart fires burning, it’s essential to live at least a little dangerously. The odd daring adventure is a must.
Venus in Pisces
To understand Venus in Pisces, imagine an ocean of love that your soul remembers as the place you came from, and indeed who you truly are. Then imagine feeling such an overwhelming longing for love that it diminishes your ability to function in the world. And then imagine a long and testing journey filled with confusion, heart break, disillusionment and despair which culminates in you finally finding the soul mate you’ve been seeking for lifetimes – truly a dream come true. What joy, what rapture! 
And then imagine creating inspired works of art and becoming a famous artist, and further, that fame not corrupting you, and you staying the kind-hearted soul you always have been. And then the ultimate, imagine finding and experiencing nothing less than the Love Supreme, the love that has no name .. then you will understand. 
And finally, don’t dismiss this as ‘only’ imagination if you want to be loved by these oh-so-sensitive romantic souls.

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