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Full Moon Libra 2017

The waxing Moon in Libra is now almost Full, exact at 4:09 pm AEST, Tuesday April 14. The chart features a powerful aspect pattern involving the Sun conjoined Uranus in Aries opposing the Moon conjoined Jupiter in Libra, with all four squaring Pluto in Capricorn in the central focal position. Following is a brief guide to the higher vibrational powers associated with each planet. 
The task set by the cosmos at this challenging kairotic time is to bring all such powers into a dynamic synthesis that integrates Aries self-directed action with the Libran golden rule of ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ and then to provide a clear space for the transformative Plutonian power to eliminate life destroying patterns based around money, power and control.
Planetary Powers
Sun: the light of consciousness, life giving warmth and vitality, generosity of spirit, joie de vivre, will, power, energy, an integrated sense of self, ability to hold centre, presence, charisma, life direction and purpose 
Moon: sense of belonging, attunement to the feminine, instinctual foundations, emotional nourishment, basic trust in life, empathy, sympathy, intuition, healing power of darkness
Jupiter: optimism, faith, trust, gratitude, benevolence, prosperity consciousness, abundance, good humour, higher learning, a philosophy to live by, a path to guide you home, bliss
Uranus: freedom from conditioning, individuality, insight, the clear light of truth, the ‘aha’ experience, sudden revelation, enlightenment, liberation, invention, genius, brilliance, spiritual rebellion, technology of the sacred
Pluto: totality, authenticity, courage, freedom from fear and attachment, conscious dying, transformative sexuality, ability to regenerate, to transform, to contain the shadow, strength and depth of character, shamanic healing, psychic insight, primal power, creative power of destruction

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