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April 20: Planets Changing Signs 

Today, the Sun moved out of Aries into Taurus at 7:26 am, Thursday April 20, AEST. Tomorrow, Friday April 21, Mercury will retrograde out of Taurus back into Aries at 3:37 am where it will reside until it returns to Taurus on May 16, and finally, at 8:31 pm Mars will leave Taurus and transit into Gemini, where it will reside until the 5th of June. 

See if you can pick up on these sign shifts as they occur. I will be posting on the Sun sign Taurus over the coming days, but for now here’s my take on how Mercury may express when in Aries, followed by Mars in Gemini.
Mercury in Aries
Mercury in Aries thinks and talks quickly and decisively. And being ever ready to engage in argument and debate, it positively relishes an intellectual challenge. Its communicating style is forthright and assertive, and even outright aggressive in an all male context. Words are weapons for this Mercury, and suitably armed, it makes a powerful advocate for a cause, and at best can be an inspiring orator. Aries also gives Mercury an aptitude for original or futuristic thinking and spontaneous expression. Tact and sensitivity are not strong points, so don’t ask this straight-talker what it thinks if you can’t handle hearing the truth. In business, Aries Mercury people enjoy the challenge of meeting sales targets and are well suited to venture projects, where the big profits go to those willing to risk all on the ‘next big thing’. Negatively, they can turn every discussion into a competitive argument, and lack the ability to genuinely listen.
Mars in Gemini
Mars in Gemini people are mentally active, always on the lookout for interesting people, places, and cultural activities to satiate their restless, inquisitive minds. While blessed with wide-ranging intellects and versatile talents that suit them to careers in teaching, marketing, media and politics, they are also cursed with an insatiable need for stimulation that leaves them prey to being easily bored. No pursuit is too trivial – whether card, board or video games, or that great contemporary standby ‘surfing the net’ – to avoid the dreaded state of ‘nothing-to-do’. Change and variety, skills development, multi-tasking and flexi-time are preferred job attributes. Some are drawn to intellectual combat where scorn, invective, sarcasm and satire can be employed to deadly effect. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating is a good example. Gemini Martians also delight in word play, double entendres, and playful flirting as a strategy to interest the opposite sex. Fidelity may prove difficult.

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