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Varij Astro-Update May 7

Take a trip to Mercury, Uranus and Saturn at the speed of thought as insights snap, crackle and pop through cracks in the Cosmic Egg! (Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries.) Be quick, capture and structure those insights in some kind of conceptual form (Saturn in Sagittarius) as they zip, zap, and zing like lightning across the sky of the mind!

Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, stationed direct on Thursday May 4 next to it’s higher octave planet Uranus. It exactly conjuncted Uranus on April 30 and will again on May 10, an unusually extended period for the normally quick moving Mercury. The thoughts of Mercury are flying especially fast now as it is transiting through fiery Aries whilst simultaneously being hyper-stimulated by new paradigm catalyst Uranus. Whew! You are forgiven if your mind is spinning out of control and you are thinking you could be going crazy. Fortunately through this whole period Mercury is also in orb of trining [harmonizing] with straight arrow Saturn in Sagittarius, exact on May 12, [and previously on April 12], affording the opportunity to capture and direct the catalytic new ideas that keep popping into our minds into new modes of teaching and learning. How exciting !
An excellent time also, to launch into learning Astrology. Currently I’m teaching a couple of students via skype on a one-to-one apprenticeship basis, tailoring the content and lesson timing to their individual capacity and needs. Personal message me if you are interested in learning this way. Here’s a testimonial that I received from Jaala Matthewson this week: “”Studying astrology with Varij is such an awesome experience. I am learning the language, the concepts of the houses, planets and the zodiac as well as the relationship between the concepts. Without Varij as my teacher I would find this overwhelming. So much information but Varij has this way of layering the learning and then reinforcing the main content of the lesson by bringing it back to your own natal chart. Enabling you to absorb and digest the concepts more easily. The added bonus is through his knowledge of your natal chart he adapts his teaching to your learning style so you feel supported and confident to continue. I highly recommend Varij. He makes astrology come alive with wisdom, intelligence and play.” Namaste Jaala Mathewson
Also, if you would like a reading to explore how and what the current planetary alignments are activating in your own chart I will offer a 20% discount off my normal fee if booked within the next 48 hours.

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