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Plutonic Wisdom for the Scorpio Full Moon. 

Note Pluto, the god of death, rebirth and transformation, is harmonizing with both the Sun [trine] and Moon [sextile] at this lunation. The following script is excerpted from my book The Planets Speak: Wisdom of the Gods which is available for purchase direct from my self.
PLUTO – The Ascent
“Rise by kneeling

Conquer by surrendering

Gain by giving up”
Let go and start again
From your death, the resurrection
Only when you die to yourself as you are 

And to your life as it is

Can you be reborn into a greater life 

Free from fear and attachment
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

The universal round

Each beginning an end

Each end a beginning
I am the fertile void pregnant with life

The mud from which the lotus grows

The butterfly freed from its cocoon

The phoenix, rising from the ashes 

Of its own destruction

Shiva, the invincible destroyer

Destroying the old to bring forth the new
From your death, the resurrection
I am the power of sexuality 

To rejuvenate and transform

The power of a kiss to turn frogs into princes

Shamanic healing, psychic vision

Hidden riches, buried treasure

Strength and depth of character
The courage to live, the courage to die

The courage to keep your heart open in hell
I reveal your core, authentic self

Stripped of weakness and pretence

 Show you who you really are

When healed, cleansed and purified
From your death, the resurrection
From darkness, into the light

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