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Planetary Road Block Ahead!

A challenging Mars opposition Saturn planetary alignment is building to a peak over the next 48 hours, exacting at 4:54 pm Monday 29 May AEST. 25 to 26 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius are the critical degrees, but any planets at those degrees, especially in Virgo and Pisces will also be activated. Here’s an outline of some key dimensions and potentials of Mars / Saturn aspects to be aware of. Bear in mind that any challenging aspect has positive potentials and that all problems are opportunities in disguise. Life is an alchemical process of turning lead into gold.

Images and Metaphors

  • driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake 

  • banging your head against a brick wall

  • a teen-ager arguing with a parent

  • a military parade; a martial arts demonstration

  • turtle beating the hare


Negative Manifestations

  • hard labour; doing it the hard way; stress, frustration, wear and tear

  • self-defeating action; self sabotage; unconsciousness

  • fear of taking action, of getting it wrong, making a mistake, failure or rejection; 

  paralysis of will, hesitancy; stop/start

  • over or under assertion; explosion = anger, rage, violence .. 

  implosion = impotence, inadequacy, failure, resignation, breakdown .. 

  • blocked energy; impeded movement; delayed gratification; frustrated desire;

  lack of progress or achievement


Positive Manifestations

  • contained energy; bounded desire; voluntary restraint; appropriate caution 

  • structured-disciplined-focused action or movement 

  • considered-precise-intelligent-effective action 

  • long term strategy

  • leadership, authority, responsibility, respect, wisdom, awareness


  • good timing based on experience; ‘there’s a time to push forward and a time to retreat’

  • ‘neither make haste nor postpone’; the ‘longest way around is the shortest way there’


  • working smarter rather than harder; economy of movement; effort without stress; 

  • ergonomic design

  • energy conservation, sex without ejaculation, retention of semen


  • patience, endurance, acceptance .. of what is, of how things are, of limits

  • success in mature age; well earned success

  • lasting achievement

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