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Hot and Cold: The health implications of today’s Mars opposition Saturn alignment

Mars is hot, Saturn is cold. Both are dry. Underlying conditions may be activated and aggravated at this time. An abcess may suddenly arise in a suspect tooth, or the lower back may stiffen and limit movement. Mindful action is key. Be gentle in corrective movements.

Mars activates [aggressive] acute conditions, inflammations and itis’ of many kinds. Red spots, boils, etc. Rips and tears, torn ligaments. Brings conditions to a head. Through it’s rulership of Aries, Mars can activate head injuries and headaches, especially if Saturn’s delays, restrictions and blockages result in Mars reactively lashing out, or ‘blowing its top’. Stress levels and blood pressure may rise as a result. 
Saturn rules chronic or long standing issues, and conditions associated with aging. The bones, especially the back, teeth, skin and knees are all problematic areas at this time. Tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, etc. Blockages, obstructions, hard lumps, gall stones, kidney stones, etc. Dry skin, stiff joints, arthritis.
In summary, this is a time to be mindful, moderate, prudent, and to be especially vigilant when pushing personal limits and boundaries. Slow and steady wins the race!

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