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Mars into Cancer

Mars went into Cancer at 2:15 am this morning Monday June 5 AEST where it will reside until July 20. Here’s my take on how it may express when in that sign.
Mars attacks and defends. In Cancer, Mars takes on a defensive posture with a power that should not be underestimated. Here is a tenacious warrior who is well capable of taking rapid and ferocious action to protect home, family and country, or whatever it is that [s]he is emotionally attached to. On the other hand, the power of fiery Mars may be diluted in watery Cancer through an overly cautious approach to fulfilling their desires, a case of water putting out the fire of daring and spontaneity. Taking things personally, being easily offended, and a certain moody irritability may also hinder co-operative action to achieve their goals. A caring emotional connection must be present for sexual energy to flow. When it does, Cancer Mars people make sensitive and giving lovers. Sex becomes a form of mutual nurturance.

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